Official Rules for

BarnRun Mania

1. Lag for Partners - Start by picking a target that is approximately 80 feet away.  Everyone tries to hit the target.  The closest to the target and the farthest away are partners, the second closest and the second farthest are partners, etc.
2. Pick a Hole - Everyone gets a turn to pick a hole.
    A. The fence post (traditional 1st hole).
    B. The Outhouse door (traditional 2nd hole).
    C. A tree with certain limb configuration
    D. A bush standing by itself, etc.
3. Tee Off - Each player on each team takes turns making their tee shot.  Every player gets to try their skill (or luck) at making the best shot.
4. Next Shots - Each team determines which of their team's shots is the best.  Both players on that team shoot their next shot from that location.  The team who's shot is the farthest from the hole throws first.
5. Par - Par is established by the team or teams that reach the hole in the fewest throws.
6. Cards - Each team that scores a par for a hole gets to draw a card from a standard deck of cards (this eliminates arguing over who has the best running score...memories can be very selective and/or very short).
7. Determining the Winners - The winner of the round is determined by the team that has the best Poker Hand with the cards they drew.
8. Penalties - A penalty stroke is assessed when both razors for a team on a particular throw are in a penalty situation.
    A. Crossing any fence or leaving the property.
    B. Hanging in a tree that has to be retreived by "artificial means".
    C. Stepping out of the tee box.
    D. Any other rule established prior to the start of the hole.
    E. Any other situation that arises can be assessed a penalty by a
         majority vote (in the event of a tie, the property owner's decision
         is FINAL!!!).