Barn Run Mania
Welcome to the Official Home of the World Razor Golf Association.

Our group is comprised of friends and neighbors of my brother-in-law (Ken) and myself (Uncle Dave).  We gather several times every year at the Cedars of Whitley County.  A typical outing can have anywhere from 6 to 14 people, depending on everyones schedule.  Formal Barn Run weekends happen three or four times a year, we've been doing it since the mid 1990's.  Our outings were originally named "Male Bonding Weekend" (by the wives), but that sounded less than manly.  The term "Barn Run" is derived from the pole barn that is the main attraction on the 58 acre plot of land (18 acres of woods).  The land is located in Whitley county in Indiana and belongs to Ken. 

The game we play has thus been dubbed "Barn Run Mania".  The rules of play can be found on the web site by clicking on the "Rules" link at the bottom of this page.  The rules evolved over the years to make these weekends more fun.  The color satelite image was downloaded from Indiana University's Mass Data Storage Portal.  Previously, the only image available was from the terraserver site sponsored by Microsoft.  The property does not have electricity, running water, etc. to ruin the back to nature scheme of things.  The whole purpose is to have a good time with friends (no women allowed).  Typically the runs are held in winter, spring or fall.  The Summer pictures were from last year, and it was decided we won't do that again soon.  The mosquitoes liked their meat seasoned with Deet.  Some of the winter outings will test the metal of any man, the overnight temperatures have already dipped into the low single digits and we don't have any heat.  I don't exactly remember who named the Aerobie a Razor, but it seemed appropriate because of the way they slice through the air.  About 5 years ago, we started using Luminator lighted flying disks by Kidpower, Inc of Brentwood, TN for night play. They don't fly very well, but they extended our playing time.  Recently, we discovered the Flashflight lighted disks by Playhard, Inc.

We have a Slide Show with photos from past Barn Runs.

Moving your mouse over the yellow features on the map will provide a picture with a brief explanation.

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